How To Start A Blog 2018

Updated: February 15th 2017

Learn How To Start A Blog

You have probably thought about it for a while, you may have even dreamed about it but lets be honest, you probably thought you could never do it. Think again! Starting your own blog is really simple and I will show you exactly how I created So, go grab a cup of coffee and let me show you exactly what you need to do. That’s right, once you have finished reading this guide you will literally be steps away from owning your very own!

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Starting Your Own Blog: The 3 Simple Steps

  1. Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Making It Look Gorgeous

Step 1: Domain Name & Hosting

This is going to be the most exciting part of my ‘How To Start A Blog’ tutorial. The Domain Name is simply the name of your blog. For example, if you want to create a blog about baking then your Domain Name could be something like or The only thing that you have to bare in mind is that the Domain Name may already be taken by somebody else.  The Hosting is the ‘Home’ where your blog will ‘Live’.  Both the Domain Name & the Hosting can be setup through Bluehost. Spend a good 15 minutes or so to think of some really great names for your blog. Once you have a few in mind you are ready to start searching to see if they are available and setup your hosting.

First thing to do is to click HERE which will open up Bluehost in a new window. You will then need to select your hosting plan (the new home where your Blog will live) by clicking on the big green ‘Get started now’ button within the Bluehost window. You will then see 3 Hosting Plans. ‘Basic’ should be fine for your new blog. Click the green ‘Select’ button at the bottom of the ‘Basic’ plan and then it’s time to get searching for that great name!

Click Here to open the Bluehost window if you haven’t already.

How To Start A Blog UK

OK, here’s what you have been waiting for. The next screen lets you start searching for your very own Domain Name. Just to give you an example, my Domain name for my Fruit Carving Blog is All you need to do now is enter the name into the ‘new domain’ box to check if it is available. If it has already been taken then you will need to check for another. Simply, perform this step until you have your very own unique Domain Name for your new blog.

How To Create A Blog UK

Click Here to open the Bluehost window if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

Great, now you have setup your Domain Name & Hosting through Bluehost you are now ready to install your Blogging Software called WordPress. WordPress is really simple to use and comes free with Bluehost. WordPress will be the place to add new posts, images and videos and anything else you can think of!

First Login to Bluehost (You must first have completed the above steps) and find the Website Builders section. Then click on the WordPress button. Click ‘Install‘ from within the ‘Do it yourself FREE‘ section.

Learn How To Start A Blog UK

Learn How To Create A Blog UK

From the next screen select your Domain Name from the list and click on ‘Next

How To Start A Blog

From the next screen select ‘I have read the Terms & Conditions’ and click on ‘Install Now

how to build a blog

IMPORTANT: Make sure you make a note of your new blogs username & password because you will need this to log into your new blog. Copy the ‘Admin URL’ from the summary page and then paste it into your web browser. You should then see a screen like the one below. Enter your username and password to log into your new blog.

how to build a blog UK

Congratulations, if you have followed the above stops you have successfully setup your very own blog! Now it is time to pimp it up!

Step 3: Making It Look Gorgeous

Now that you have your very own blog setup you will probably be wanting to make it unique and stand out from all the other blogs out there. It’s time to install a ‘Theme’. WordPress allows you to install a theme which will change the look and feel of your blog. Installing a theme can dramatically make your blog feel unique. There are some free themes available from or you could take things to the next level like I did with this blog and purchase a premium theme. One of the most popular and well respected WordPress themes is called the ‘Thesis Theme‘. This theme can easily modified to make your new blog look amazing.

So there you have it. It really is that simple. Was you expecting more? Now you no-longer have any excuse not to have your very own blog. You could even be up and running in just 20 minutes and have your very first blog post up within the hour. What are you waiting for?

If you have a friend or family member that what’s to learn how to create a blog then please send them a link to this article or share below. Good Luck!